Patriot Firmware Update 1.03

Polaris Patriot 850 Sidekick
Release Notes

100LL Fuel Requirement
Intercooler Required
This tune applies ONLY to OEM factory ECU calibration part number: 4018427
i. RELEASE DATE: 1/2/2019

ii. Update ONLY works with Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 platform (does not work with Mac).

iii. By installing this tune, the user agrees to properly configure the snowmobile with the specified settings.

iv. Driver(s) MUST be installed prior to attempting to update control-box.

v. User agrees to follow and complete the instruction steps in chronological order.

vi. This update fits the following application:
       2. Model: Polaris RMK
       3. Engine cc: 850
       4. Fits Model Years : 2019 through 2019
       5. Control Box/Tuner Revision: 01.03
       6. Applies to Products:: SKP-PDLS, SKP-PDNS, SKP-PSLS, SKP-PSNS

       1. Fuel Requirement: 100LL Av Gas
       2. Snowmobile Fuel-Type Setting: NonEth
       3. Actuator Type: Low
       4. Wastegate Crack Pressure: 7 – Set by BoonDocker prior to shipping. Do not adjust crack pressure unless instructed by BD Tech Support. If you have altered your crack pressure, please consult BoonDocker for support: 208-542-4411.
       5. Primary Spring: CLP-PP05
       6. Primary Spring Notes: Almond Spring Primary Spring: 165/327
       7. Weight: CLP-PW38
       8. Weight Config: 2-3-3-3, from heel to toe
       9. Secondary Spring: CLP-PS03
       10. Secondary Spring notes: Black-Yellow Secondary Spring: 180/260
       11. Helix PN: CLP-PH07
       12. Helix Notes: Mostly tree-riding: 40-44 F; For Mostly big pulls: 40-46.36
       13. External Change log/notes/description: First Revision – High Boost, 100-Octane tune. Map 1, leaner. Map 2, richer
       14. Intercooler: REQUIRED